Grayson Perry - Backstage  

Glenda Jackson - in her office at Parliament  

Gabriel - model and surfer  

Bob and Roberta Smith - Artist and campaigner  

Mark Hix - Chef, at a friends kitchen  

James Graham - Playwright, photographed for FT Weekend  

Heydon Prowse - BBC3  

Julia at my studio  

Luke Pasqualino - BBC  

Amara Karan - Actress  

Sam Leith - writer for FT Weekend  

Lamie - Model  

Tallulah Harlech - Actress  


Capt Priyum Patel for The Observer  

Nicole Dunkley for The Observer  

Pvt Zachary McKinney for The Observer  

Kerwin Romeo for The Observer  

Kyla La Grange backstage at a music festival  

Chris Belson- Musician  


Kitty, Daisy and Lewis backstage at a music festival  

William Warren - Designer  

Stephen Marren - Model/Designer  

Richard Sorger - Fashion designer  

Maria - Costa Rica  


Amechi Ihenacho - Dressmaker